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Clear Stadium Bag with Privacy Being Worn l My Event Bag

When we heard about the new stadium regulations being implemented across the country, it was evident that fans would either be forced to wait in long lines at the game, concert, or show for bag inspection, or not be allowed to bring anything but a Ziplock bag in at all. Beyond that, it’s not exactly comforting or cool to carry personal belongings around in a gallon bag for the world to see. What if there was a stylish bag that provided privacy AND made your trip through the turnstile faster? Good news - we did it! After many designs to determine the perfect blend of function for the event staff and customization for the bag wearer, our team of students came up with the My Event Bag. My Event bag is a clear stadium bag that meets the published standards of most stadiums, arenas and amusement parks. Unlike other event bags, ours is totally customizable and private.

Stadium and arena security has become increasingly more prominent as of late and safety concerns are here to stay.  The current solutions do not allow for privacy and stadiums have struggled with confused, frustrated, and often irate fans, as displayed in articles appearing in the press daily. My Event Bag was invented as a way to provide stadiums with the security they need for safety, while also giving fans the privacy and speed of entry they desire.  In addition, since our patented clear stadium bag bag includes a customizable privacy shield, it is a great way to advertise, display school spirit, or simply display a message for everyone to see.

Because our clear stadium bag is a made of high quality, sturdy, soft vinyl, it will last game after game and show after show, while still remaining comfortable.

  • Customizable!
  • Private!
  • Fashionable! 
  • Durable!

Our full line of My Event Bags are patented and more exciting bags will be coming soon!

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